Project Shiro Studios

The Art of Sara Rude-McCune
colorist & illustrator

2018 - ongoing
My Role: artist
Writer/Letterer: Aaron Walther

The world's strongest 10-year-old girl learns to balance her new school life while battling a talking cat for control of the city of New Haven.

My Role: artist

A weekly webcomic about bad job stories from real people.

2 volumes self-published

My Role: colorist
Writer: Aaron Walther
Artists: Sergio Apodaca, Joie Simmons, Chris McJunkin

The adventures of the worst superhero team in New Haven.

13 chapters published online. 2 TPB, 4 annuals self-published by New Haven Comics

Illustration: KantCon

I have attended KantCon since 2014, and was brought on in 2015 as their official artist. I designed logos, flyers, t-shirts, mugs, and more. Everything drawn and colored by me.

KantCon is a gaming convention for tabletop hobby gamers, created by tabletop hobby gamers in the Kansas City area.

Personal Works

All works drawn by me

Character Design

All works drawn by me

( Made with Carrd )